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Lakeport Doap is Doap!

Lakeport farms has joined the Doap community and is now  Delivering Organic Awesome Pot!  Lakeport Doap online dispensary can be found by visiting https://www.doap.com and selecting the Lakeport area, or by bookmarking the storefront at https://lakeport.doap.com. RioVista.doap.com is the delivery service platform of Lakeport Doap.

Lakeport Doap is a friends and family operated Microbusiness focused on craft cannabis cultivation, processing, manufacturing for retail and wholesale distribution. We have a retail dispensary in Lakeport California, as well as our lakeport.doap.com delivery service.
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Lakeport Doap
11 Richard Brann Drive
Lakeport, CA 94571


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Expect delivery in about an hour. We accept cash, credit, and crypto.